01 May, 2011

How to make green onions last longer than 1 week (and other weekend bumblings)

You know when you buy green onions and then a few days later find a slimy mess in the fridge? Well, I tried this technique awhile back and it worked! The onions lasted about 3 weeks without being slimy. They did get a little limp, but they still tasted like green onions!

So, here's what you do:
1) After tearing off any kind of slimy parts, separate them out on a paper towel (the roots can hang out, but try to cover the greens as much as possible)
2) Roll them up so that each one has some paper towel between the next- don't let them touch!
3) Dampen with water, but not too much, you don't want them soaked.
4) Place in plastic grocery bad- NOT the flimsy produce bags, but the regular plastic ones with handles. Place in fridge.
As you use them, rip off excess paper towel & re-wet as needed.

In other news, I will not be wasting time or money on raw artichokes anymore. Can you believe how little of those things are actually edible? What a waste! I was certain that I was over-peeling them at first, but after I boiled one whole, I still came out with very little edible portions. This might have to be the one thing I break my "nothing canned" rule with, because I love artichokes!

  The Farmer's Market had carrots yesterday! Exciting to see color come back after a winter of potatoes and turnips (bland!)

 And, I baked some organic whole wheat flax seed walnut bread! I thought I had let it rise too long, but apparently this is not a big deal. By the way, first time in the 4 years I've been married that I've made bread... I have no bread maker, that is my excuse! Oddly enough, homemade bread apparently has about 3x more calories than store-bought whole wheat bread. Uh, what? Yeah, 330cals per slice. I will be sure to eat one sandwich a day (and nothing else). I used this recipe, but left out the applesauce & cracked wheat, replaced the molasses with honey, and replaced the sunflower seeds with walnuts pieces.
By the way, sorry there have not been many recipe posts- we had family in town and the house is a mess, so we opted to eat out all week (believe me, my waistline is paying for THAT!) But this week, there will be fish!