27 June, 2011

Oh dear, too long without cooking

So, summer vacation has been fun, but we have not been eating very well at all! I am pretty sure the lack of home cooked, mostly organic food has adversely effected our waistlines. After we get back from visiting the in-laws, I think I will be diving into cooking and visiting the Farmers Markets again. I am really excited to plan a trip to Austin soon to check out their new store In.gredients- it's a grocery store with local, organic, sustainable foods but none of it is prepackaged. Customers have to bring their own containers to take home their wares, but they do offer disposable containers, if people need them.

Anyway, tonight I cooked some white fish on the stove with coriander, basil, salt and pepper. For the side, I found out how Macaroni Grill makes their spinach orzo. So, I combined 8 oz of organic whole wheat orzo I pre-cooked in chicken broth, a red bell pepper, olive oil, garlic, baby spinach and salt and pepper. It was the perfect light dinner after feeling like we had eaten very heavy unhealthy food all week.