14 February, 2011

Recipes 8 &9, if you're keeping track

Due to the unusually cool weather last week, I made chili and the most disgusting cornbread ever. I blame it on the website I found a substitute recipe for when I had no flour to make it with (I was waiting for some organic whole grain flour I ordered from Nuts Online, but the 0.25" snow made it arrive later than projected.) Luckily, we're having leftovers tonight (Round 2!) and I'm making regular cornbread the way it's meant to be- tasty.

I made spinach enchiladas last night. I have to give major credit to my sister in law who pointed out that a local restaurant, Los Barrios (owned by the parent of a current student), sold a recipe book that had recipes very much like my husband's grandmother makes. And, since she only speaks Spanish and doesn't write anything down, I jumped on the deal. They were delicious, but I think because I used fresh spinach, they seriously needed some salt.

I have to say, in the spirit of Valentine's day, if you ever find yourself married to someone of a different culture, don't be afraid to butcher the food they are used to. If they really love you, they will patiently wait until you get it "right."

In other news, the weather is very spring-like this week. The high the past few days has been just shy of 80. I am not complaining :)

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