27 February, 2011

An attempt at Chai Cupcakes

Like very weekend for the past 3 weeks I made a batch of homemade Chai Tea because every week I finish an entire batch (8 cups). They are great as chilled lattes at work!

Well, I had heard from a friend that you could make Chai cupcakes, and the thought just wouldn't go away. Unfortunately, I made some delicious, but overpowering orange cinnamon icing, so they really just came out tasting like carrot cake. This was a good thing because my husband is crazy for carrot cake, so I am not left to finish off the cupcakes alone.

Anyway, we'll just call these Spice cupcakes, since they really didn't taste like Chai...

This week's dinner recipes will include: Walnut-crusted chicken with quinoa and sweet potato chicken stoup. More to come later!

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