15 July, 2011

I love Harry Potter... and Cake Pops, but not humidity.

So, Harry Potter's last movie came out today. Fortunately, I already got the emotions out of the way when I finished the last book. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie yet- 7pm Saturday! So, to commemorate the occasion (and to fill in some free time), I decided to try my hand at making some Harry Potter cake pops.

I've been toying with the idea for awhile since Bakerella (the awesome chick who wrote the book/blog that got lots of people OBSESSED with Cake Pops) posted some fan-made pops. I hadn't thought to make people until after seeing these awesome South Park pops that another obsessed fan made.

HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!? And, when I saw this amazing Harry Potter birthday cake that was girlified on Bakingdom, I almost died.

Anyway, I knew that things would not work out perfectly, especially since our AC was not blowing cold air. But I've been getting better at accepting imperfections (is it because I taught all boys high school science?) So, when Snape slid off his stick and onto the styrofoam board, I had to laugh:
He truly looks mad :)
So, I used the recipe for Basic Cake Pops, a box of Funfetti cake and some Pillsbury low sugar vanilla icing. (Let me tell you, they are still a Diabetic's worst nightmare!)
To make the skin color, it turns out all you need is a few Peanut Butter melting chips tossed into the regular white vanilla. So, at 9am this morning, that's what I did first.

Then, I ran as fast as I could to JoAnn Fabrics because I realized I did not have oil-based coloring for the melting chips (regular food coloring is a no-no! It's water based and will ruin everything!) Luckily, I had just received a 20% off coupon via email, and whammo-bammo, I was back home making a mess.
For Ron, Hermione, Harry, Snape and Dumbledore, I just made balls. Oldie moldy Voldie, the dragons, and the "owl" were made using rounded triangular shapes.
By the way, for the black hair, I had to dump an entire pot of black coloring into about a cup of milk chocolate melting chips. Felt like a waste, but it worked.
My husband (who is not a TRUE fan) insisted that Ron's hair was "not red enough"- and implied something close to the color of blood, which I kinda shrugged off. And poor Hermione had an air bubble. I also had a lot of trouble figuring out how to make her have long hair.
My first attempt at Dumbledore was... hilarious. If you can't laugh at your mistakes, you're not having fun, and you shouldn't be doing it. I swear at the grocery store coconut sounded like a GREAT idea... now, not so much. So we'll call this guy Dumbledore-Homeless-Einstein.
The one on the left... is a little better, but now I think I've channeled Willy Nelson. Maybe Santa Claus. Who knows? He'll taste pretty darn good anyway.
Voldemort? I didn't think he deserved to look like everyone else, but again, the non-Potter fan at our house had questions "Why is there an alien in HP? Did I miss that movie!?" All in good fun though!
A Chinese Fireball dragon.
An attempt at the Sorting Hat.
Some Firebolts/Nimbuses.

Okay, this is the part where you have to REALLY be able to laugh at yourself:
No, I don't recall there being penguins in any of the books or movies. Yes, this was an attempt at making the owl, Hedwig :(
But at least the worst of them weren't as bad as the Harry Potter Cake Wrecks from Sunday!

I mean, how out of the loop do you have to be!?

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  1. hehehe- I KNEW it was cake pops! They are pretty cute- good job! I am afraid to try stuff like this. I make AMAZING desserts (no, not being conceted- I have had enough feedback and people telling me I should open my own bakery to know this is just true)- but the cutesy decortated stuff always makes me feel like as retard with parkinsons and 2 left hands. At some point, I will get it, I am sure!