06 July, 2011

You've got mail!

Is there anything better than receiving a package in the mail? I completely forgot that my aunt was sending me cooking supplies!

These are special pans to make Filipino Torta Cake. It is the best! It's like the best Angel Food Cake on earth. I cannot wait to make them! They are nearly impossible to find, even at Asian specialty markets, so I got lucky when our aunt went to visit family in the Philippines.

More Asian cooking:
My MIL is Chinese, and makes amazing dim sum. The favorite in the family are steamed pork buns. It's essentially a hot pocket, but the bread is not baked, it is steamed, so it's white and fluffy and delicious when you bite it. Same drawback as the torta cake: special equipment needed. Lucky me that I had a student who enjoys cooking as well who gifted me a bamboo steamer ;)

I am going to attempt to make these on my own for the first time. Luckily, not more than 2 days ago, MIL made them for me to observe!

My MIL is a huge gardener as well, so she sent me home with a basil plant- i don't keep plants alive for very long, so I will be using Basil in 2 recipes this week: a basic Thai noodle dish, and spaghetti (ugh, again!) But this time it will be from home-stewed tomatoes, nothing canned.

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  1. OMG I WANT TORTA PANS!!! Glenda gave me the recipe but I havnt used it bc I don't have the pans! Ohhhh I'm so jealous!