25 January, 2011

Meaty "Not-sagna"

So, Rachel Ray claimed that her "Not-sagna" takes less time to prepare than regular lasagna... um, not really.
But, it was just as good!

Grass-fed ground beef, fresh onions, fresh basil, Organic spaghetti, with some ricotta... It was pretty good!
Only thing I forgot was the french bread. And, I'm a little annoyed that making your own tomato sauce (for pizza or pasta) always makes it come out pretty runny. All the recipes online tell you to add a can of tomato paste, which kind of voids the whole "homemade" thing.

Hubby ranked this at a 6 out of 10, and said last night's meal was an 8/10.

When he told me what he thinks is closer to a 10, I was a little surprised. He likes the simple throw together stuff. So, soon enough, I'll be doing some REAL "30 minute meals."

In other news, check out this insanely huge head of cauliflower the hubby found at our local grocery store:

Speaking of food, anyone else seen the news on Taco Bell's latest lawsuit?

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