04 January, 2011

Pepper-crusted fillet with sweet potato fries and spinach-stuffed mushrooms

My husband is a big red meat lover, so he almost died when I told him I would be making steak for dinner- first time in 3 and a half years of marriage. No idea what I was afraid of before, they came out great!
I had seen this pepper-crusted fillet recipe on Barefoot Contessa, and all I needed was a caste iron skillet. The sweet potato fries are one of our new obsessions since we found a little burger joint nearby that sells them in place of the usual, and they are so easy to make!
I'm kinda of on the fence about the stuffed mushrooms. For the amount of time and effort it took to make them, I really didn't think they were that great and probably won't be making them again anytime soon.
School started back up today, and I was tired when I got home, but I had been thinking about those steaks all day; so, unlike a lot of people, the New Year's Resolution is on a roll!
What I am struggling with is trying to wean ourselves into whole foods or using more organic products. Unfortunately, even living in cattle central, there are very few venues to get grass-fed beef nearby. Really the only thing good about this meal is that the onion & spinach in the stuffed mushrooms are locally grown organic. The sweet potatoes are in season here in Texas right now, so we'll be eating those quite a bit. This weekend we're going to check out the local farmer's markets, so hopefully we'll have more luck there.
If you want any of the recipes, I'd be happy to share, but I've got a few dishes left and some papers to grade right now. Happy cooking in 2011!

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