22 January, 2011

Menu for last week of January

So, apparently there is this cool thing called Pecan Oil that supposedly has less saturated fat than Virgin Olive Oil. The man at the Leon Springs Farmer's Market informed me that it has just as light a taste as Olive Oil. We shall see...

This week's buys, for a grand total of $59.50:
-4 Tuna Steaks, fresh from the fishermen in Port Aransas (1.85lbs)
-1 dozen free-range chicken eggs (I got a speckled egg in this dozen! That's lucky, right?)
-1lb red potatoes
-10 tomatoes
-16oz honey (that's right, I finished the other 17oz in 3 weeks... what can I say, I like tea and I have a sweet tooth!)
-10 oz Pecan Oil
-A yummy Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Berry Bar from The Green Brownie Company that did NOT survive the car ride home!

This week's Recipe plan:
1) Black Pepper & Coriander-Crusted Tuna with Orange and Fennel-Roasted Potato Salad
2)Lasagna (with ground beef- just the way the hubby likes it)

You may be wondering what I did with the ever-elusive turnips... Well, after trying one raw- and let me tell you I'm shocked to say it wasn't bad- I ended up using an onion, some red potatoes and broccoli that looked like it was on it's way out to make a soup, and threw the turnips in. Basically a "throw together soup"- it was great with rice.

The best thing about this New Year's Resolution? We only bring frozen dinners to work for lunch once or twice a week now. The leftovers from cooking so often are GREAT for lunches! I've also found that all this Farmer's Market shopping as created an aversion to cereal for breakfast every morning. So my hubby claims he is pleasantly surprised when he wakes up to find eggs or some other breakfast item awaiting him.

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